My “No-pick” policy

Today when I was on my way home from town and having a bit of a rough day, I stopped and looked at some of the wildflowers growing along my route.


In the past I have been compelled to pick said flowers, take them home with the intention of looking at them and then ignore them for the most part until they have died. Why do I feel like killing them will bring me more pleasure than leaving them where they are?

As of today, I have developed a “no-pick” policy for myself. This means that if I want to admire the beauty of flowers, I will have to go outside and admire them there. This does not mean that I will look down on those who do pick flowers, and I will not not accept flowers if someone gives them to me. This is me deciding how my direct interactions with flowers growing where ever are going to go in the future. I simply don’t feel the need to bring a dead plant into my home for the sake of beauty when I can leave it alone and enjoy it just as much if not more in it’s place of growth, and get fresh air and some exercise in the process.


Scottish Broom and What You Do With It

I can’t get over how gorgeous the weather had been here. So much sunshine, wind off the water, and really blue sky overhead. I would almost say it’s bluer here than it was in Mexico (but the water in Mexico is virtually always bluer). I’ve even been able to step out onto the dock in barefeet and not have them start to freeze, which is amazingly awesome in my mind.

Unfortunately for me, it’s getting humid. That’s the thing I don’t like about summer on the coast. Heat and humidity are a key factor in why I often find summer exhausting. This sometimes results in my forming a hatred for summer which then disapates sometime in the autumn.

But I infinitely prefer walking in the summertime than in any other season.
There is something strangely satisfying when you’re sweating after a long walk, and so that makes the summer prime walking season.


And the flowers. Around my place it’s mostly Scottish Broom, which can be quite pretty with all their yellow flowers, but it’s an even bigger problem than dandelions. We even have Broom Burning parties where everyone gathers in a place with lots of Broom (which could be virtually anywhere on my island) and procedes to eliminate as much as we can in the span of several hours. Unfortunately, I have never been to one of these so I’m not an athority on the subject.

Broom can be lots of fun though. It was one thing our backyard had in abundance. That and sand. And we managed to figure out how that works together. Dig a hole in the sand, big enough that about four of us could move around in, and then we use the Broom to make a roof. We loved it, until dad got mad at us for digging too close to the bank. Well it was either that or dig in the septic field.

It was a good place to have my first memories. And then the constant moving began.

Sunny and Studying

This whole week and few days it’s been gloriously sunny, though when I’m on the boat it’s kinda cold because of the wind, so I’m not sure how much of a tan  I’ll get this summer. And of course I typically hole myself up in a corner at either the laundromat or the library, and occassionally on my sisters couch, and read or study (unless I’m on my sister’s couch which usually means either I’m playing Skyrim or watching Buffy) before I return to the boat and listen to something.

So I am now taking two courses. One on Political Activism, which I am at least two weeks behind on, but only because I didn’t know about it till two weeks after it started. The other course is a self-paced certificate course called Serving It Right, which means that when I’m done I’ll be allowed to serve alcohol virtually anywhere in BC. It will be the first of several on my growing list.

This ends up happening virtually everytime I start studying.

On top of that is playing board games (usually limited to one day a week), D&D (also once a week), job hunting, rants in my journal about the state of things, and reading comic books to help stave off the possibility of depression. Oh yeah, and I like to pretend I’m George Washington when he’s trying to win the war, and Hamilton whenever I’m studying. (I’m still not sure how he managed to write so dang much.)

Hamilton the Podcast

I love listening to these guys. They haven’t made it very far in the musical, discussion wise, but I feel like they’ve covered a lot of ground nonetheless. They’re educated, smart, and easy to listen to. They’re excited about their subject matter to the point where it make me read faster after listening to them. Of course, because it’s a podcast about Hamilton there is some bias involved, but having listened to their most recent episode devoted almost entirely to Aaron Burr and his contributions to the US government, the banking systems and his stace on education and social equality, I have a strong desire to read “Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr” by Nancy Isenberg, a book recommended by the fellows of the afformentioned podcast.
It doesn’t hurt that they had many good things to say about “Wait For It” which is my favourite song in the whole musical and the single most played track in my iTunes library.
If you love Hamilton, then this podcast is definitely one to listen to. I expect to re-listen to this podcast many times in the future, a privilege currently shared by only three other podcast on my currently listening to list. Note, the list is fairly extensive.


This week has been interesting. I had a job for all of two days before finding out that I’m not cut out for being a housekeeper, and throwing myself back into the job hunt. And I’ve recently begun to feel like I’m not floundering in the water and that I’m actually starting to make progress, which is a nice feeling to have, though if that’s true or not is another matter entirely.
It certainly helps that my sister is so encouraging without everything she says being fluff. I trust her to tell me the truth, which can sometimes be difficult to accept but I appreciate it. I almost always leave a visit with her with a smile. I am so blessed to have her around.
Because of my currently four month long obsession with the musical Hamilton, I have now become the proud owner of John Adams by David McCullough. Though he’s not portrayed as the nicest guy in the musical, I have found him to be rather interesting, and my past appreciation for biographies and histories has bloomed once more leaving me to sit beside Saladin and long to crack open its potentially fascinating pages to read about a man I only know by name. My love of history is back and I hope it will be here to stay for a long while.


Prehaps it is this different choice of reading material that is making me feel better about myself. That I’m not just reading fiction but expanding my horizons into the lives of people who have made a lasting impression on the world, some good and some bad. An interesting thought to ponder.

A Break in the Grey

After half a week of non-stop grey clouds with occasional breaks in the rain, it’s sunny again! This is a welcome change, though today that means cleaning the boat and what ever mess my flooded bilge made. It’s really hard to dry things out when it’s wet everywhere but inside. At least it’s still mostly dry inside.
After my bilge flooded and leaked out all over my floor, I ended up at my sisters place for a relaxing shower and then my first foray into the world of Skyrim. Needless to say, I’m fairly addicted to the game now, and my sister and her boyfriend were kind enough to let me stick around for dinner and learn to play Twilight Imperium, which is an awesome game, but I’ll probably need a couple more instructional games before I’m ready to play a serious game of it. And I love my snapping turtles. Great species for how I prefer to play a game like TI.

What do I do on the boat?

I will be one of the first to admit that Pinterest can drain hours from your life without you noticing until it’s too late. That’s one reason why having limited Internet access is great. I have to manage my time on the Internet and it’s so much easier when you only have your computer’s battery life to do it in. Carrying my charger with me almost doubles the weight of my bag so it’s not really worth it to carry it with me, especially since I would only use it to prolong my time online by a couple minutes.
So what do I do when I’m bored and on the boat? I read (not as much as I should but it more than I was before), I write, I listen to Hamilton over and over again (my brother hates it), and I play games on my phone while listening to podcasts (I’ve just started listening to Serial so that’s been consuming a lot of time). Movies haven’t been so much fun since my brother left to move a boat.
I also empty bilge every couple of days. Our pump doesn’t work so great and with all the rain we’ve been having recently, that small space fills up pretty fast. So I pour buckets over the side of the boat and have given up putting the mats back. As soon as I put them back I have to take them off again.
Apparently we’re getting a storm coming our way, so I should probably get back to the boat and make sure I’m ready for it. At least I have plenty of stuff to listen to.