A Surprising Day

I like days like today. They surprise me. When I checked the weather yesterday after D&D it showed a 66% chance of rain. That just sounds horrible for doing anything. Fortunately, once I woke up this morning and bothered to look outside after realizing that sleeping in wasn’t going to happen, I found clear blue sky and not a real cloud in sight.
Once I stepped off the boat and climbed the hill, I realized that the lack of real clouds was an illusion. The clouds were busy over Washington, allowing me to venture out without a rain jacket. It felt so good to leave it on the couch where it had been left to dry since last night.
Unfortunately, since my brother left earlier this week, I’ve had to come up even more creative ways to entertain myself on a weekend. Maybe a walk down to the spit? I can’t stay at the library all day, and I already exhausted myself of Galavant.
This points to one irrefutable fact about my life. I need a life.
That maybe includes getting a proper job so that I can buy the second season of Galavant.
In the meantime, I’ve parked myself in front of this sign.



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