A Break in the Grey

After half a week of non-stop grey clouds with occasional breaks in the rain, it’s sunny again! This is a welcome change, though today that means cleaning the boat and what ever mess my flooded bilge made. It’s really hard to dry things out when it’s wet everywhere but inside. At least it’s still mostly dry inside.
After my bilge flooded and leaked out all over my floor, I ended up at my sisters place for a relaxing shower and then my first foray into the world of Skyrim. Needless to say, I’m fairly addicted to the game now, and my sister and her boyfriend were kind enough to let me stick around for dinner and learn to play Twilight Imperium, which is an awesome game, but I’ll probably need a couple more instructional games before I’m ready to play a serious game of it. And I love my snapping turtles. Great species for how I prefer to play a game like TI.


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