This week has been interesting. I had a job for all of two days before finding out that I’m not cut out for being a housekeeper, and throwing myself back into the job hunt. And I’ve recently begun to feel like I’m not floundering in the water and that I’m actually starting to make progress, which is a nice feeling to have, though if that’s true or not is another matter entirely.
It certainly helps that my sister is so encouraging without everything she says being fluff. I trust her to tell me the truth, which can sometimes be difficult to accept but I appreciate it. I almost always leave a visit with her with a smile. I am so blessed to have her around.
Because of my currently four month long obsession with the musical Hamilton, I have now become the proud owner of John Adams by David McCullough. Though he’s not portrayed as the nicest guy in the musical, I have found him to be rather interesting, and my past appreciation for biographies and histories has bloomed once more leaving me to sit beside Saladin and long to crack open its potentially fascinating pages to read about a man I only know by name. My love of history is back and I hope it will be here to stay for a long while.


Prehaps it is this different choice of reading material that is making me feel better about myself. That I’m not just reading fiction but expanding my horizons into the lives of people who have made a lasting impression on the world, some good and some bad. An interesting thought to ponder.


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