Hamilton the Podcast

I love listening to these guys. They haven’t made it very far in the musical, discussion wise, but I feel like they’ve covered a lot of ground nonetheless. They’re educated, smart, and easy to listen to. They’re excited about their subject matter to the point where it make me read faster after listening to them. Of course, because it’s a podcast about Hamilton there is some bias involved, but having listened to their most recent episode devoted almost entirely to Aaron Burr and his contributions to the US government, the banking systems and his stace on education and social equality, I have a strong desire to read “Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr” by Nancy Isenberg, a book recommended by the fellows of the afformentioned podcast.
It doesn’t hurt that they had many good things to say about “Wait For It” which is my favourite song in the whole musical and the single most played track in my iTunes library.
If you love Hamilton, then this podcast is definitely one to listen to. I expect to re-listen to this podcast many times in the future, a privilege currently shared by only three other podcast on my currently listening to list. Note, the list is fairly extensive.


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