Sunny and Studying

This whole week and few days it’s been gloriously sunny, though when I’m on the boat it’s kinda cold because of the wind, so I’m not sure how much of a tan  I’ll get this summer. And of course I typically hole myself up in a corner at either the laundromat or the library, and occassionally on my sisters couch, and read or study (unless I’m on my sister’s couch which usually means either I’m playing Skyrim or watching Buffy) before I return to the boat and listen to something.

So I am now taking two courses. One on Political Activism, which I am at least two weeks behind on, but only because I didn’t know about it till two weeks after it started. The other course is a self-paced certificate course called Serving It Right, which means that when I’m done I’ll be allowed to serve alcohol virtually anywhere in BC. It will be the first of several on my growing list.

This ends up happening virtually everytime I start studying.

On top of that is playing board games (usually limited to one day a week), D&D (also once a week), job hunting, rants in my journal about the state of things, and reading comic books to help stave off the possibility of depression. Oh yeah, and I like to pretend I’m George Washington when he’s trying to win the war, and Hamilton whenever I’m studying. (I’m still not sure how he managed to write so dang much.)


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