Scottish Broom and What You Do With It

I can’t get over how gorgeous the weather had been here. So much sunshine, wind off the water, and really blue sky overhead. I would almost say it’s bluer here than it was in Mexico (but the water in Mexico is virtually always bluer). I’ve even been able to step out onto the dock in barefeet and not have them start to freeze, which is amazingly awesome in my mind.

Unfortunately for me, it’s getting humid. That’s the thing I don’t like about summer on the coast. Heat and humidity are a key factor in why I often find summer exhausting. This sometimes results in my forming a hatred for summer which then disapates sometime in the autumn.

But I infinitely prefer walking in the summertime than in any other season.
There is something strangely satisfying when you’re sweating after a long walk, and so that makes the summer prime walking season.


And the flowers. Around my place it’s mostly Scottish Broom, which can be quite pretty with all their yellow flowers, but it’s an even bigger problem than dandelions. We even have Broom Burning parties where everyone gathers in a place with lots of Broom (which could be virtually anywhere on my island) and procedes to eliminate as much as we can in the span of several hours. Unfortunately, I have never been to one of these so I’m not an athority on the subject.

Broom can be lots of fun though. It was one thing our backyard had in abundance. That and sand. And we managed to figure out how that works together. Dig a hole in the sand, big enough that about four of us could move around in, and then we use the Broom to make a roof. We loved it, until dad got mad at us for digging too close to the bank. Well it was either that or dig in the septic field.

It was a good place to have my first memories. And then the constant moving began.


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