My “No-pick” policy

Today when I was on my way home from town and having a bit of a rough day, I stopped and looked at some of the wildflowers growing along my route.


In the past I have been compelled to pick said flowers, take them home with the intention of looking at them and then ignore them for the most part until they have died. Why do I feel like killing them will bring me more pleasure than leaving them where they are?

As of today, I have developed a “no-pick” policy for myself. This means that if I want to admire the beauty of flowers, I will have to go outside and admire them there. This does not mean that I will look down on those who do pick flowers, and I will not not accept flowers if someone gives them to me. This is me deciding how my direct interactions with flowers growing where ever are going to go in the future. I simply don’t feel the need to bring a dead plant into my home for the sake of beauty when I can leave it alone and enjoy it just as much if not more in it’s place of growth, and get fresh air and some exercise in the process.


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